Information on seva at the Holy Lake Festival in Sri Vitthal Dham


Nice to welcome you to the Holy Lake Festival!


Would you like to get involved and do seva? Please read the following FAQ carefully and only then register via the registration form. You will find the link at the bottom of this page.


1. How many hours a day should I do seva?

You can do seva for at least four hours a day. See also question 6.


2. How many hours a day is "full-time seva"?

At least eight hours a day (for the whole event).


3. Can I do seva on individual days?

Usually, you do your seva for the whole event. If you arrive later or have to leave earlier, a shorter period is possible.


4. Can I choose the seva times?

Your seva team leader will tell you what time your seva will take place. You will receive further information after you have registered.


5. How will I know if I have been accepted for full-time seva?

After registration, your team leader will assign you a seva and you will be confirmed for it.


6. Can I do seva spontaneously for one or two hours a day?

For seva, in most areas a briefing is absolutely necessary. If you don’t want to sign up for a seva, be ready. We will announce spontanious requests on the Telegram event channel.


7. Can I choose which type of seva I want to do?

If available, please indicate your actual experience when you register. We will then check whether your placement is possible in the desired area.


8. Can I participate in the event during my seva?

If you are assigned to a seva area, your seva has the highest priority. During special events (e. g. offering water), the seva can be interrupted briefly so that you can participate. This is only ever done in consultation with your team leader.


9. Do I get discounts if I do some seva every day?

Seva is selfless service. Guruji wishes all devotees to contribute — there are no discounts for „part-time seva„.


10. Do I get discounts if I have a fixed seva place and do more than eight hours of seva daily?

If you do more than eight hours of seva a day, the following discounts are possible:

  • Free entrance to the Holy Lake Festival
  • Discounted full board in the ashram canteen for 15 (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • or discounted lunch for 9 € per day (without breakfast and dinner).
  • Sleeping place for 15 € in a dormitory (with mattress and bed linen). Plus a one-time rental fee of €5 for the bed linen.

The number of seva places is limited. Your registration does not automatically mean that you have reserved a place. After we have received your registration, we will check individually whether a sleeping place can be available for you.

If you don’t need a place to sleep, you can still book the flat-rate meal.


11. Are there accommodation options for full-time sevakas?

See question 10.


12. When is the earliest I can arrive and the latest I have to leave (for an overnight seva stay)?

If you are staying in a dormitory, the earliest you can check in is 31.07. and you have to leave your dormitory place by 03.09.


13. I have done seva in one area before, can I do it again?

If you have, please state your actual experience when you register. We will then check whether your placement is possible in the desired area.


14. How much does the accommodation and meals cost if I arrive already one week before?

The same conditions apply as during the event. 15 € per night and 15 € full board.


15. Who can benefit from the meal package of 15 € per day?

Any sevaka who does more than 8 hours of seva per day can benefit from the package.
The package is independent of whether one stays overnight in the ashram or not.

sorry, seva registration is closed

For any seva requests please contact



+49 662-888-0 

All rooms of the ashram are already occupied. Please look for an overnight accomodatio nearby. Here you find a list of  Hotels & Guesthouse in the area.

Sri Vitthal Dham
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